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In his weekly newsletter for ARC China, Founder and Managing Partner Adam Roseman explains the many steps that China has taken to deal with potential inflation.  Two contributors to inflation include real estate prices and “hot money” inflow issues. Roseman explained that China has taken many steps to control the real estate prices.  As he […]

In an article by Aston Tan entitled, “Looking Off the Beaten Track,” he discusses the investment opportunities available in more remote areas.  Adam Roseman, CEO and Founder of ARC China, explains that there are often stumbling blocks in the process of doing business in these areas. He explains that, while many entrepreneurs want a public […]

In recent news for ARC China, they have appointed Dan Loeb, the Founder and CEO of Catavate Group, as Senior Operating Advisor for the firm’s ARC Westly China Fund.  As part of his job, he will assist with due diligence on companies that may become investees and will also provide ongoing strategic and operational advice […]

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