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12 May 2011

In recent news for ARC China, they have appointed Dan Loeb, the Founder and CEO of Catavate Group, as Senior Operating Advisor for the firm’s ARC Westly China Fund.  As part of his job, he will assist with due diligence on companies that may become investees and will also provide ongoing strategic and operational advice to the fund’s portfolio companies.

Adam Roseman, ARC China’s Founder and Managing Director said, “Dan is a leader in building strong retail platforms in China. He has been on the ground in China for more than 16 years building brands and his experience will be extremely valuable in our efforts to build a world-class infrastructure for investment in the Chinese market.”

Mr. Loeb also explained how pleased he is with the new position.  As he stated, “I am pleased and excited to be joining the ARC China team. They have built an impressive investment platform in China and have a strong track record investing in China’s retail space. I hope to build upon that success by leveraging Catavate’s collective experience with consumer brands and retail businesses in China.”

Certainly, Adam Roseman, ARC China and the entire team look forward to this new addition.

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