Adam Roseman: The Income Gap Between Chinese Rural and Urban Residents

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26 Mar 2012

The National Bureau of Statistics in China recently revealed that the income difference between urban and rural residents was reduced significantly in 2011, according to an article by Adam Roseman of ARC China.

In the article, Roseman explains that “the income ratio between urban and rural residents stood at 3.13:1 in 2011, meaning city dwellers’ average income was 3.13 times that of rural people. The ratio shrank from 3.23:1 in 2010 and 3.33:1 in 2009.”

It continues, stating that the results of a survey show that the per-capita wage income of residents in rural areas increased by more than twenty percent in 2011, and that wages accounted for more than 40 percent of these residents’ incomes.

According to the NBS, the jump in income levels in rural areas is a result of migrant workers throughout 2011. Still, the falling prices of produce and other farming products had a negative impact on farmers’ incomes.

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