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Growth and development in China over the past few years has been remarkable. As the coastal and eastern cities begin to fill up, numerous investment firms have begun to move inward towards the second, third and even fourth tier cities. Lunar Capital, though currently based in Shanghai, has stated that one of its goals is […]

Bloomberg recently reported that China’s inflation rate has accelerated to 5.5%. As Bloomberg reported, “Signs the world’s second-biggest economy is maintaining momentum after increases in borrowing costs and curbs on real estate may have encouraged policy makers to add to tightening measures. At the same time, weakness in the global economy and data yesterday showing […]

As stated by ARC China, where Adam Roseman is the Founder and Managing Director, the ARC Westly China Fund focuses on investments in the consumption-oriented high-growth enterprises.  They focus on China’s Tier II and Tier III cities. Their unique structure welcomes non-China LPs to be able to participate in RMB denominated investment with its offshore […]

In his weekly newsletter, Adam Roseman of ARC China discussed the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability.  This symposium was recently held in Stockholm, Sweden with the goal of preparing a document that would be presented during the World Conference on the Environment. At the symposium, Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland praised China […]

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