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19 May 2011

In an article by Aston Tan entitled, “Looking Off the Beaten Track,” he discusses the investment opportunities available in more remote areas.  Adam Roseman, CEO and Founder of ARC China, explains that there are often stumbling blocks in the process of doing business in these areas.

He explains that, while many entrepreneurs want a public market listing for their company, “They are never initially fully receptive; it’s a long period of relationship development.”  Adam Roseman goes on to explain that,  “It requires a very lengthy educational process with the entrepreneur – which is critical to go through so that they actually understand the impact of taking a private equity investor. We spend a lot of time working to demonstrate that we have taken the time to understand their business, [and to] demonstrate to them the areas of value that we’re going to be able to add.”

When asked more about investing in some of China’s out-of-the-way areas, Adam Roseman of ARC China said, “It’s bigger than anyone understands if they are not dealing in these regions.”

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