China’s Green Economy Future

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3 Jun 2011

In his weekly newsletter, Adam Roseman of ARC China discussed the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability.  This symposium was recently held in Stockholm, Sweden with the goal of preparing a document that would be presented during the World Conference on the Environment.

At the symposium, Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland praised China on its green economy efforts.  Brundtland said, “I think the leadership in China knows that the pattern of development in China cannot be coal-based, oil-based, transport-based in private cars, so they talk about green economy, because they know they have different energy resources, they have to use solar and they are entering into changing all these technologies and implementing them.”

Roseman explained that, according to McKinsey & Company, which is a consultancy firm, China has the potential it needs to build a “green economy” in the coming decade.  To fulfill this goal, however, McKinsey estimated that China will need an investment of up to RMB 1.5 to 2 trillion each year from now until 2030 to implement their green technology plans.

Adam Roseman concludes by stating: “China is taking an aggressive stance to reduce its environmental impact and has all the credentials to serve in the future as a model for other countries wishing to follow a sustainable path of development. “

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