Cedars-Sinai Studies Prove Massages Are Physiologically Beneficial

In: Adam Roseman|Cedars-Sinai

9 Nov 2010

Massages have long been known to be beneficial to people’s emotional and psychological health. They can relieve tension of the muscles and result in a more relaxed mood. Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Adam Roseman is a member of the board of governors, have recently reported that massages may actually result in positive physiological changes as well as psychological.

A study was conducted on adults who received identical massages, and the results showed calculable differences in their bodies immune and endocrine systems. 29 physically and mentally healthy adults received 45 minutes of Swedish massage, performed by therapists who were trained to use the exact same methods and procedures. Blood samples were taken from the participants at various times before, during and after the massages.

The participants who received Swedish massage treatments experienced substantial changes in lymphocytes, which have a big part in defending the body from diseases. The Swedish massage also caused a significant decrease in AVP, a hormone believed to result in aggressive behavior, and linked to the stress hormone Cortisol, which is also lessened through Swedish massage. The massage caused a decrease in many cytokines as well.

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