“Diabetes Mellitus is a Predictor of Repeat Hospitalization for Heart Failure”

In: Adam Roseman|Cedars-Sinai

29 Nov 2010

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, with board member Adam Roseman, is an organization which works tirelessly to provide excellent healthcare as well as revolutionary cures through medical research.

A Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute study has shown that over half of the heart failure patients admitted returned at least once within ninety for follow-up care. Diabetics, and especially diabetics with a heart disease that effects the heart’s pumping ability, need more readmissions than other patients. Recognizing this, researchers from the center suggest further study of the matter, in order to accurately define predictors of readmission as well as to develop intervention methods which will prevent repeated hospitalizations.

The findings were discussed during a presentation on November 17th, which was titled “Diabetes Mellitus is a Predictor of Repeat Hospitalization for Heart Failure.”

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