Adam Roseman: Seeing Potential in China

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24 Jun 2010

The best CEOs in the business have certainly learned how to turn challenges and tragedies into opportunities.  Adam Roseman is no exception.  After surviving an earthquake in the Sichuan province in May of 2008, Adam Roseman explains, “I said to myself that as a result of this tragedy and the fact that I’m OK, I want to do something.”

He renamed a private equity firm that he had founded ARC China, and started to focus on investment opportunities in China’s second and third tier cities.

Roseman explains that today’s secondary and tertiary ranking cities in China are grossly undeserved, mostly since China’s financial distribution channels are still forming.  As CEO of ARC China, Roseman and his firm are bringing their business expertise to help entrepreneurs and their staff in China to see how Western-style corporate governance can benefit their companies.

ARC China has invested $2 million in Wowo, local retail convenience store chain, and have also invested in Capture Advance, a Sichuan based firm that mines iron ore in Malaysia for import to China.

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